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Elements Pop Up

We are very excited to be hosting a series of intimate and inspiring workshops as well as featuring some incredible artists and makers at our Shoreditch store over September as part of our Elements Pop Up.


Sharing practical rituals, tools and tips, these workshops have been specially designed to truly support and inspire you on your own creative journey (whether you have a creative career or not they are open to everyone!). They are an opportunity to participate and experiment in a small group setting.

Pop Up 

We will be featuring incredible ceramics by Kana London, Eesome and Maison Pastiche, wood work by Temper Studio, Sculptures by Dello Studio and art by Emilie Pugh.

It has been a dream of Rachel's to be able to host creative community events in the Shoreditch store and we very much look forward to meeting you!

Tickets are limited for all workshops and we have already starting selling so book early to avoid disappointment!

Astrology Workshop: Discover Your Rising Sign - The source of your creative power
Thursday 13th September, 7pm

The Elements Tea Ceremony with Lera Zujeva 

Monday 18th September, 7.30pm
Discover the transformative and awakening practice of a tea ceremony. Guided by the wonderful Lera Zujeva, who will be working with the elements of this ancient practice to create a truly serene and intimate experience. 

The Elements Experimental Workshop with Emilie Pugh
Tuesday 18th September, 7pm

A one-off workshop with artist Emilie Pugh exploring the elements through the use of fire, water, breath and ink. We will be experimenting with different methods of mark making using pyrography, bleach and alcohol inks that use the breath to make forms rather then a paint brush.

Zen Markmaking Workshop 
Wednesday 19th September, 7pm-9pm

Take part in a session of Zen markmaking with Immaterial Art Lab - an immersive guided experience that combines elements of Japanese calligraphy and Zen buddhist techniques to connect to the senses and flow in a meditative space. 


Kana London Clay Parlour
Wednesday 26th September, 7pm-9pm

Join us for this one-off special workshop with Kana London, where we'll be supported and guided by Ana to make our own small clay piece. 


The last year has been an intense year for work for me, but so exciting and so rewarding creatively. My first ever London Fashion Week in 2012 Paul Smith approached me to buy my jewellery for their stores. It was such an incredible scoop for me just starting out. They have been consistently supportive in my growth as a designer. 1 year ago they asked me if I would be interested in developing a range with them for their catwalk show... I couldn't believe the opportunity. I was in one of those creative ruts at the time and wanting to explore more art and abstract art inspirations and influences, more open and less linear but still express the essence of the meaning behind my jewellery. This came up at such a perfect time for me and gave me an open canvas to work from. I was given 6 words as inspiration and 8 images. I mood boarded and sketched for weeks and proposed a range of ideas and they were open to me running with it. 2 months of intense design and exploration, followed by design meetings, mock-ups and finally creating the collection for the catwalk show in the summer of 2017. We made every piece by hand here in London and set almost every stone in our studio, just a small team of us. This collection (as the fashion calendar runs ahead a season) has just launched online and in-stores in London and will soon be available in New York, LA, Las Vegas and Melbourne. I feel immensely happy and proud of my team and what we have achieved together.⠀
To shop the collection click here: Paul Smith

Rachel Entwistle X Paul Smith available now online and in selected stores 🎉




Rita Ora has released the video to her newest hit 'Your Song' a bouncy electro-pop ode to love. Styled impeccably by Karen Clarkson, Ora wears an oversized pantsuit, daring fishnet top with belts draped over her body, Miu Miu tie up ballet flats and adorned in some statement Rachel Entwistle jewels. If you haven't seen Rita giving a board room full of men attitude in this new video check it out!
Watch it here-
 Rita wearing the Cross Hoop Earrings in Gold from the Milagros collection
It's definitely an all abut the accessories look with Rita's sassy, strong feminine attitude wearing unisex Rachel Entwistle jewellery with an oversized suit.
Behind the scenes while filming on set in Vancouver with knuckles full of amazing rings including our Creation Signet Ring from the Metamorphosis collection. In the mythology of the Hopi Tribe the Spider woman is responsible for the creation of all life and this design uses the spider as a talisman of creativity and power to weave your own path, which is something Rita embodies so well.
The Plato Lapis Signet Ring in Gold from the Sacred Geometry collection is worn throughout the video by Rita on her left ring finger. Lapiz Lazuli is a deep celestial blue stone which represents royalty and honour and is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.
We rate Rita Ora's style and loved seeing her in Rachel Entwistle Cross Earrings, Metamoprhosis Pinky Signet and Plato Signet Rings for her latest video release! Shop the styles in the links in this post or via the Rachel Entwistle website or Instagram!

Sunny Hawaiian prints define the new season for Paul Smith men and women with aquatic floral motifs and a strong midnight beach scene graphic appearing across the collection. 

The designs overflow with bold graphics and colour pops.


The jewellery, designed in collaboration with Paul Smith brings the print and colour together with minimal silver lines and bold gemstone accents.

The women’s jewellery had a focus on kinetic, clean lines and bold colour pops to complement the prints. The designs feature asymmetric drop, hoop and circular earrings stone set with Lapis Lazuli, Green Agate and Red Coral as well as collar necklaces and pinky signet and circular gemstone rings.


The men’s jewellery featured undulating sculptural pendant forms, bright gemstone signet and concentric rings and layered bracelets.


Every piece of jewellery was designed and made in London by the Rachel Entwistle team. Made in sterling silver, gold vermeil and working with hand cut Lapis Lazuli, Green Agate and Red Coral.
The Rachel Entwistle X Paul Smith collaboration will be launched in Paul Smith stores in January 2018.
Rachel Entwistle Jewellery designs for Paul Smith featured in the Paul Smith AW17 Men's Paris Fashion Week Show.
The show merged the men’s and women’s collections into one show with both collections sharing a direct design association, with their roots firmly planted in tailoring.
Rachel Entwistle’s own Agender approach to design, which transcends traditional concepts of ‘male’ or ‘female’ perfectly complemented the Paul Smith Collections.
Jewellery included minimal engraved pendants, hand carved necklaces, plaque bracelets and pendants as well as signet rings. All of the designs were hand made in London.
Rachel has successfully stocked her collections in Paul Smith stores in the UK and Europe since 2014.
This marked the first collaboration for Paul Smith and a collection is planned for launching in stores for AW17.
FKA twigs wore a bespoke septum jewellery chain by me for the cover of the Dazed and Confused 25th anniversary edition. Inside the pages twigs looked sublime wearing a bespoke body chain created for her for the Radiant Me tour.

The septum jewelry chain was made in the Rachel Entwistle studio for FKA twigs with a range of body chains and spiral collars for her latest tour Radiant Me.

 Jewellery by: Rachel Entwistle
Photographed by: Ryan McGinley
Styling by: Karen Langley

FKA twigs performed the incredible new ‘Radiant Me²’ shows across Russia, Norway and North America this summer.

In collaboration with FKA twigs we made a range of bespoke jewellery designs for twigs and her dancers.

Think Body Chains, Spiral Collars and Septum Chains. 


FKA twigs wore the body chain in every show in the tour from Moscow to the USA.

Inspired by tribal jewellery - The spiral symbol is found in many ancient cultures and represents the spiral of life. The Mexican Amber I found whilst living in Chiapas, South Mexico - believed to be a powerful amulet and protector of the heart.


FKA twigs wearing the Rachel Entwistle body chain opening the Radiant Me tour in Moscow.

Mini piercing hoops with spiral and triangle design.

Behind the scenes...

Our moodboard and dancer prep board and jewellery 

FKA twigs tour // Dancers jewellery at the studio before the tour

Behind the scenes// FKA twigs band member LJ and dancer Tarik Frimpong at fittings before the tour.

FKA twigs dancers backstage on tour wearing the jewellery



Sacred Geometry is a term used to describe patterns, shapes and forms that are part of the make up of all living things.



There are only five solids that can be called platonic solids – the tetrahedron, the hexahedron or cube, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron.



 Some of the oldest examples of the five solids carved from stone (over three hundred of them) have been unearthed in Scotland. They date back to Neolithic times, around 2000 BCE (Before Common Era), but their purpose is still a mystery today.


 Most sacred and ancient traditions were underpinned by the knowledge of Sacred Geometry, the belief that a hidden order unifies all aspects of the Universe. With study and visualisation of the underlying geometric forms of this order, the mind can connect to the Oneness of the Universe. This can occur in many ways through the study of mandalas, engaging in dance where the movements and music were in tune with these geometric patterns, and in sculpture, drawing and architecture.

 Choose your Sacred Geometry shape and Wear the Power!

 Hexahedron or Cube

♦  Earth Element

♦  Root Chakra

♦  Sits flat and firm, is solid and sturdy

♦  Key Function: grounding

♦  Reconnects energy to earth and nature

♦  Regaining refocus

♦  Removing tension and easing physical stresses

♦  Great for work, in car, children and pets.





♦  Water Element

♦  Sacral Chakra

♦  Key Function: transformation

♦  Helps one go with the movement, flow and changes of life effortlessly

♦  Teaches us to ‘go with the flow’

♦  Enhances the creative thought process and freedom of emotional expression

♦  Unblocks and removes emotional stressors that block creative energies

♦  Connected to sexuality, fertility and reproduction.





♦  Fire Element

♦  Solar Plexus

♦  Key Function: manifestation

♦  3rd Dimension

♦  Sits flat no matter which side, perfect symbol for balance and stability

♦  Balance between the physical and spiritual

♦  Supports personal power and acceptance

♦  Creates change.





♦  Air Element

♦  Heart

♦  4th Dimension

♦  Key Function: integration

♦  Cultivates acceptance, forgiveness, love and compassion for self and others

♦  Its mirroring or self-reflecting shape moves us to a higher vibration of reflection, compassion and healing – As Above, So Below.




♦  Ether Element

♦  Third Eye, Crown and Higher (8th and above) Chakras

♦  Key Function: ascension and mystery

♦  Represents divine creation associated with the Universe

♦  Holds a very high but gentle energy so helps cultivate a higher vibration in meditation

♦  An expression of life & consciousness beyond physical vibrations of the body

♦  Connect to Higher Self or Source energy.




Piercing and body adornment has been consistent throughout history as a form of self expression.


From men of great wealth and status wearing gold hoop earrings, primitive tribes embellished in piercings to prevent demons entering the body and early punk subcultures expressing rebellion by wearing multiple piercings, piercing has been THE way to express yourself. 


 Shakespeare with his gold hoop bling c.1600

Fantastic Man editorial featuring my unisex gold cross hoops from the Milagros Collection


Traditional Tribal Jewellery 


FKA Twigs wear gold hoop earrings  and silver threads from Modern Primitive Collection


young Swedish punk, 1977. Keystone/Hulton Archive / Getty Images




In fashion, piercing continues as a styling focus. Multiple piercings and septum piercings  continue to  feature highly. High fashion label Givenchy 2012 collection mixed haute couture with an oversized embellished punk edge and their most recent fall collection is adorned with pearls and gothic stones. Think Victorian-Chola girl.


Givenchy 2012

Givenchy 2015








FKA twigs has floored us with her amazing new EP - simply incredible!

Over the past year twigs has performed and been photographed for magazines such as Complex and GQ featuring Rachel Entwistle jewellery. So it's great to see her wearing my pieces again in her latest EP.

 Cover Artwork for Mellissa by Matthew Stone - FKA twigs wears Mini Modern Primitive Hoops in Gold


Not only is the music a thing of beauty in and of itself, the styling from Karen Clarkson is impeccable as she presents FKA twigs adorned with a selection of jewellery from me, alongside a host of fashion from incredible designers Liam Hodges, Faustine Steinmetz and Craig Green.

FKA twigs wears Silver Modern Primitive Thread Chain Earrings and Mini Modern Primitive Hoops in Gold

The Modern Primitive hand piece was created for FKA twigs in silver, it's a heavy piece of feminine armour - we have the original in store in Shoreditch if you fancy trying it out for size.

Custom Modern Primitive Hand Piece

What will we see FKA twigs wear next as she takes us on this journey with her alter ego Melissa/M3LL155X? Whatever happens, we think FKA twigs should adopt a Metamorphosis Creation Ring. The spider on the ring is a powerful symbol of female creativity which pairs well with the female energy Melissa embodies.


 Shop a the full selection of pieces a seen on FKA twigs here.



A big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! It was a magical night with our lovely customers, friends, great music from Mercury Nominated Nick Mulvey, Burgers from Burger Bear Tom, and delicious cocktails courtesy of Sipsmith.

If you couldn’t make it, but follow us here online, THANK YOU so much as well, you are very much a part of this too.


The fabulous Nick Mulvey
 and Isadora made their guest appearance at the launch - their music moves me deeply and has been the soundtrack to so many magical moments this year! So it was so lovely for them to be such a special part of a very special day for me.

Burger Bear Tom for providing us with a feast!
The best burger in London - hands down!

Cocktails were courtesy of Sipsmith. The delicious gin is made in
London in a gorgeous copper distillery.
On the night we blended their classic gin with elderflower and fresh mint.

New Geometric Store Displays showing some Memento Mori classics.

One of our gorgeous customers rocking a Modern Primitive Earcuff.

New Store Sign, in Copper Leaf.

Rachel Entwistle Store Launch July 2015

I am absolutely thrilled to launch my own namesake store, which I hope will reflect my design aesthetic and inspiration. I want it to be a welcoming and inspiring space, which will allow me to meet the people who’re engaging with my designs.
As many of you will know I co-founded the store Thor & Wistle in 2012 with Kamilla Thorsen. Life always takes people in different directions and myself (Wistle) and Kamilla (Thor) decided to part ways earlier this year (with each others blessings!).

As I am remaining in the space it was a natural progression to re-launch Thor & Wistle under my brand name.

What does this mean?

Well, our studio will continue to be in-house and all of the designs crafted by hand. We will continue to feature Guest Designers. 
For those of you who know the store you will have seen some changes already! We hope you will like the new and evolving store interior.
There is even a cosy new area to talk bespoke designs - or just to hang out ;-)
So pop by and say hello and keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming events and promotions!

Rachel xxx
Rachel Entwistle Store
5a Club Row, London, E1 6JX
Opening Hours
11-7pm Mon-Fri
11-6pm Sat
11-5pm Sun

Florence Welch, of Florence and The Machine, has been spotted with a new finger tattoo of the Alchemical symbols for Air and Water (or Fire and Earth depending on how you view her hand)! This symbolism is very strong in my Alchemical collection and so it is always amazing to see common inspirations connect. 

Florence Shows Off Her New Ink On Instagram


I already had an inkling that Florence was a fan of these symbols, she has previously visited my shop and bought both the Sun Moon Four Elements Ring Set and Ouroboros Ring from the Alchemical collection. I'm looking forward to seeing what other alchemy-inspired treats she will reveal in this new album.



Sun Moon Four Elements Ring Set


The new album cover for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful also features the symbolism and comes to its own in the cover of the first official single, ‘What Kind of Man’.




The four elements each stand alone to represent the four basic elements, as well as working together in different combinations and with other alchemical symbols. You can find all this symbolism across my Alchemical collection, such as the Tria Prima

Keep an eye out for more pieces with this symbolism, which may just appear in store at Rachel Entwistle in the near future! 

 Florence Sings From Her New Album 

The Four Element Symbols As Depicted In Alchemy

Today is Midsummer's eve, preceding the shortest night before tomorrow's summer solstice when the sun is in the sky for the longest it will be in the year. The suns radiating potency gives power to our dreams, awakening potential and creativity in our selves as the sun turns and the days begin to shorten towards the harvest.

In ancient religions, Midsummer has long been considered the night for mysteries and mischief, bringing visions or madness as the force of the sun works to embolden emotions and obsessions as the veil between this world and the next is thin and spirits roam freely. Some across England and many across the world will join together for the shortest night's immemorial tradition of midsummer bonfires, guiding themselves through to the rest of the year and renewing intentions to take forward. 

The cycle of the suns path in our skies has been a fascination to mankind, giving us a focus for our art, a path to follow for rituals and a guide to creating the calendar that the world follows today.
As a symbol☉ the sun can represent our  own power of personal transformation and the ability to bring wholeness to ourselves through self will.  It was also associated with Khepri, god of the rising sun. I have harnessed the strength of this symbology in several of my pieces; the Sun Moon Elements stacking set and the Scarab Metamorphosis jewellery. 

It is fair to say that FKA twigs is changing what it means to be a pop star as she combines music, dance, video and style to share with us her creative vision. Her signature hairstyle has taken fashion by storm, as have her amazing style and jewellery choices. As a designer, I am also simply obsessed with the way FKA twigs and her stylist Karen Clarkson take on the styling of her jewellery and am thrilled that they have chosen my pieces so many times.

Complex magazine has just featured FKA Twigs wearing Rachel Entwistle jewellery on the cover of this month’s issue, so I thought I’d look back into some of my favourite style moments from twigs.

FKA twigs wears Milagros Cross Hoops in silver

FKA twigs wears Modern Primitive Double Arrow Stud and Modern Primitive Mini Hoops.

FKA twigs wears Modern Primitive Mini Stacker Ring and Sun Moon and Four Elements stacker set.

Read Complex’s interview with FKA twigs in full (in a page that is impressively coded too).

One of FKA twigs’ signature jewellery looks is cross hoops. Here she is again wearing her pair of Milagros Cross Hoops in GQ magazine.

Another jewellery piece FKA twigs has been seen in is the Modern Primitive Mini Hoop which she wears in gold or silver, a great choice to mix & match with multiple jewellery piercing points.

FKA twigs wears Modern Primitive Mini Hoops in Gold at Coachella 2015

The large hoops from the Modern Primitive collection are also a great look on FKA twigs, seen here on the cover of German magazine Spex.

FKA twigs wears Modern Primitive Large Hoops in Gold


Click through to shop FKA twigs jewellery looks:

A few months ago I was very honoured to have my jewellery featured in the campaign for Fashion Revolution, a global initiative created to ask questions and raise standards within the fashion industry.

Models wear Alchemist's Rotary Pendant, Modern Primitive Pendant and Milagros Cross Studs.
Styling by Alice Wilby and Photography by Rachel Manns.

They set 24 April as Fashion Revolution Day, taking the day of the Rana Plaza tragedy as a landmark for change. In 24 April 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when a factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At least 29 global brands had orders with factories at the Rana Plaza building at the time of this tragedy, including Mango, Bonmarché, Primark, El Corte Inglés, Walmart, Matalan, H&M, Inditex, Benetton, among others.

This is only one example of how much we don’t know about what goes into the making of our clothes and the true cost of fashion. It also brings to light how much we don’t know about who makes our clothes and the conditions imposed on them so we could have the latest trend at a cheap price.

The fashion industry has a complex and fractured supply chain and as outsourcing production becomes the cheapest alternative for brands, producers have become faceless. However, companies should claim responsibility for their workers and methods, as we trust them to make a fair selection of the manufacturers to whom they outsource production. Fashion Revolution is not about not shopping at the high street anymore. It is about questioning the brands you love and demanding transparency and ethical standards. Click below to join in and support the campaign!

The fashion industry is very complex and there is a divide separating what makes an ethical brand and what makes a sustainable brand. Being ethical and providing fair wages and safe working conditions for your employees is a great first step but it is also not enough to cover the environmental cost that comes with fashion and the textile industry.

Greenpeace is running the Detox Fashion campaign, which seeks to stop brands using hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing. As production is now outsourced to developing countries, chemicals that are banned in Europe or the United States continue to be used as it doesn’t go against local legislation. This means that these chemicals reach our rivers and come in contact with our skin without us ever knowing. Many more details can be found in the Greenpeace study Toxic Threads: The Great Fashion Stitch Up – read it here.

Let’s not let our love of fashion blind us! Let’s use our resources, such as internet petitions and social media, to pressure brands and shop responsibly!

The moth became a powerful symbol throughout the design process of the Metamorphosis collection. As transformation is part of its nature, we can see it as the ultimate example from the natural world to symbolize personal journey and renewal, which is the central theme in this collection.

The moth’s life cycle is about metamorphosis and so its egg stage can symbolize the birth of an idea, the larvae stage being the foundation, the chrysalis stage as a symbol of manifestation and the growth of its wings symbolise taking flight and exploration.


Moths are nocturnal creatures and so conduct all their activities in complete darkness, a characteristic that becomes a symbol of living by intuitive feeling, rather than physical perception. It is also a symbol of ease of movement in the darkness, secret knowledge, psychic awareness and the ability to seek the light. This dualistic nature also relates do the Yin Yang cycle of light and dark.


As humans, we also have the ability to seek the light and use our dreams, awareness and our deeper, inner intuition to navigate the dark times of our lives.

The Moth navigates the darkness through lunar light and is diligent in seeking its path, which can also be an example for us to keep determination in our own ambitions and find a silver lining in any crisis.

This season, for the new Metamorphosis collection, I am revisiting symbols that are very dear to me and have become big influences in m design. Since this collection is all about a journey of personal transformation, I couldn’t have a collection without featuring the Scarab Beetle.

In Ancient Egypt, Scarabs were popular amulets due to their fierce survival skills. It was also believed that they could guarantee passage into the afterlife, concealing the sins of the heart. Scarabs were made in dark green or black stone with a gold base and engraved inscriptions and were placed on top of a mummy’s chest, covering his heart. The engravings were spells commanding the heart not to give evidence against the deceased when being judged by the gods of the underworld.

Scarabs in Amethyst, Glazed steatite, Dark green stone and Alabaster – Metropolitan Museum of Art



Scarab amulets - Metropolitan Museum of Art

Scarab amulets and inscriptions 

The Scarab beetle is also associated with the god Khepri, who was thought to push the Sun across the sky each morning, bringing the light of day.   

Golden Throne of Tutankhamun

These myths surround the Scarab and give it many meanings as a symbol of enlightenment, spiritual awakening, cosmic forces and eternity itself. The Scarab is a guide of the cosmic universe, showing us the path when we are at a crossroads.

Wear the Scarab to an enlightened life and seek new paths!

Once again, it is time to launch a new collection and this season I chose to revisit symbols that are very dear to me and very influential to my jewellery. The Metamorphosis Collection is all about amulets of personal transformation and the first design to arrive in stores is the Spider, which we are calling The Creation.

The Spider was a powerful symbol to some Native American tribes, especially the Hopi tribe but is also common to others from the Mississippian culture such as the Cherokees and in pre-Columbian Central America.

In Hopi myths, a Spider Woman, or Spider Grandmother, was a messenger and teacher for the Creator, interceding between deity and people. She was responsible for bringing life to Earth, creating plants, animals and humans. Spider Woman was the weaver of the fabric of life, creating all from a central source.  And so became a symbol of creativity, growth, patience and persistence, female empowerment and fertility.

Ancient shell gorget, depicting a spider (Tennessee, USA).

Clay jar by Hopi Artist Burel Naha (1944-present)
Spider symbolism can also be found in Greek mythology, in the character of Arachne, a shepherd’s daughter who became a great weaver. She boasted that her skills were better than Athena’s and refused to believe that her skill came from the goddess. In disguise, Athena warned her of the dangers of bragging, but Arachne laughed and said that even if Athena herself challenged her, she would win. The goddess then revealed herself and the weaving challenge began. The loser would promise to never weave again.
Illustration by Gustave Doré in Dante's Purgatorio

There are many versions of how this myth ends. In one of them, Arachne wins and Athena, infuriated, rips her weaving to shreds and turns her into a spider, cursing her and her descendants to weave into eternity. On another version, Athena is amazed by Arachne’s skill, but infuriated by the mortal’s pride and curses her to live in guilt. Devastated, Arachne kills herself. Athena takes pity on her and brings her back to life as a spider, and ever since, Arachne weaves her web.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and as romance gets splashed all around us through TV, films, magazines and social media, we'd like to remember that this date can be about so much more than that. LOVE is a big word that transcends romance – a feeling that inhabits many other spheres of our lives.

The Greek language distinguishes at least four different types of love, with different words for each of them.

ÁGAPE (ἀγάπη) is the concept of brotherly love, charitable love that is given whether it is returned or not; a type of love that goes beyond any self-benefit. It is the Love that sees beyond the surface and accepts the recipient just as they are, despite their flaws. If accurately translated, ágape would be a verb, as it is the love demonstrated by our behavior towards another person.

PHILIA (φιλία) is the affection and regard of friendship, a warm love between equals, a dispassionate and virtuous love. This concept is expressed as a loyalty to friends, family and community and strongly rooted in equality and the shared experience.

Photography: Martine Franck

STORGE (στοργή) is the love that parents naturally feel towards their children, the love among family members and friends that in your heart are like a brother or sister. It is a type of love that makes you feel comfortable and safe, a love of forgiveness.

Photography: Stéphane Berl


ÉROS (ἔρως) is the sexual and intimate love of romantic relationships and marriage. It is passionate, emotional and intense. Named after the Greek god of fertility, in ancient times it was also viewed as a dangerous, fiery and irrational kind of love, which can take hold of us. Ironically, the loss of control that caused fear in the Greeks is precisely what we seek today: to fall “madly” in love!

Photography: Frank Horvat

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to embrace the vast meaning of love. This is the time to expand and express our love way beyond the labels of boyfriend and girlfriend, of husband and wife, of passion and romance.

After London Fashion Week, photographer Ruediger Glatz got in contact with me for a visit to our studio, via our partner and stockist Not Just a Label. The idea was to capture some behind the scenes images for his new website, in partnership with German Vogue, The New Black Project

It's an honour to be featured there with so many great names of fashion! Have a look at some of our favourite images, all photographed in film while we were in full flow unpacking from another season at LFW.


Halloween has its origins in ancient pagan cultures, especially the Celtic and Gaelic traditions. It marked the end of summer and transition to autumn in the physical world, but also had a spiritual correspondent.

All Hallows Eve also celebrates Death and Life, as it was believed to be the night that the souls of the recently deceased would travel on to the next realm, a special window in time when the dead could mingle with the living. It is a potent night full of mystical power and meaning.

It is interesting to think how all religions have a day to honour the other side of the Veil. Celtic culture calls it Samhain, in Mexico it is called Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Catholicism has All Saint’s Day.

Edward S. Curtis, The Eclipse Dance 

Douglas Beasley, Earth Meets Spirit

This unity, despite its different names (and even calendar dates), shows our common need to connect with this energy and pay respect to this important moment in time of every human life.

My Alchemical collection uses symbols of life, matter and the elements in homage to these ancient traditions. I invite you to choose your symbol and amulet and carry it with you.

Happy Hallows Eve!

For my current collection, launched for Autumn Winter 2014, once more travel has played an important part as inspiration for the design.

A visit to Papua New Guinea was perfect to get creativity flowing. With its immense cultural diversity, it is one of the few places on Earth that remain true to its tribal origins (only a small percentage of their population live in urban centres). It is considered one of the least explored countries in the world, and one of the most varied, with hundreds of ethnic groups.

Love these images? Keep up with our inspirations by following our Pinterest board!

The Modern Primitive collection looks at the tribal and primitive man for inspiration and explores an element that is central to this cultural lifestyle, which is the arrow.

Torricelli Mountain Arrows


Both a tool and a weapon, the arrowhead became the central element to the collection, reworked with a modern feel to be worn casually or dressed up.


Shop the Modern Primitive collection here



In the creative process of the Modern Primitive collection, I chose to add a piece we had never done before: septum rings.

Since then, these piercings have become an obsession here in our studio, especially since their rise as a fashion trend in the last couple of years, even appearing in Haute Couture runway shows.

Love these images? Keep up with our inspirations by following our Pinterest board!

Gone are the days of piercings as a symbol of teenage rebellion. Now they have become a chic fashion accessory – our septum rings from the Modern Primitive collection can even come stone set with rubies!

Buy them online in Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil or Gold with Rubies. Special gorge adjustments for your piercing are also available. Faux septum rings for un-pierced noses can also be ordered – just get in touch with us!!

Modern Primitive Septum Ring in Hope ST magazine



Tapping into this trend, we have created a dedicated Piercing section in our online shop: browse all the products here. Our new piercing selection includes piercings for the ear and nose. Stay tuned for new releases or contact us for a bespoke and unique piece!

For the first time I showed my collection during Paris Fashion Week, with a showroom in the heart of the Marais, which is the main district for showrooms during this time of year. 

With Fia, our sales agent in our Paris showroom.

It was amazing to show the new Spring Summer 15 Metamorphosis collection, as well as some signature pieces that you all know and love.

But it was also lovely just being in Paris and taking the time to enjoy the city, especially in such a vibrant time as fashion week.

Notre Dame, absolute landmark in Paris. A beautiful cliche, but unmissable.

The fabulous invitation to the Vetements SS15 show.

How do you resist a stroll around the Seine?

Giving Alice in Wonderland a run for it's money is the bar Derrière, crazy and amazing decor.

View point from the Sacre Coeur Basilica, to truly see the city!

Unfortunately, no trip lasts forever and eventually we had to come home - but I'll be back, Paris!

This season, London Fashion Week seemed to be all about simplicity and comfort - from editors and front row guests choosing trainers and flats instead of stilettos to the actual shows on the catwalk.

Low-key dressing is now in even at fashion week, as it’s all about a practical look that will carry you through those long days at Somerset House (and several different venues in the case of journalists). Of course personal style is not always about following trends, but sometimes a trend comes along that speaks directly to you.

As a designer and jewellery maker, my looks reflect my practical and creative lifestyle, so comfy-chic is the way to go. Bellow are some highlights of what I loved the most at London Fashion Week this season.



The cartography print at Christopher Raeburn's show was definitely appealing for any travel lover. It was cartography but with a touch of Japanese art in its tracing style. Simply beautiful and easy to wear.



Denim has always been the ultimate practical choice and this season it gained the runway, even in high-end shows like Burberry. This delightful denim reinvention came in new shapes, stylings and even crafting, as is the case of Faustine Steinmetz, with fabrics all hand-made in her East London studio.

Faustine Steinmetz


Marques Almeida and Helen Lawrence (Fashion East)



Rulling model's complexions this season was a look of effortless flawless perfection, with no bright lipsticks or bold eyeliners. It was all about looking fresh-faced, something we can definitely take to our day to day lives: more skincare and less make-up to cover our bad habits. Even though the fresh-face look of the runways takes a professional to achieve, its good to know we can still be on-trend even in our boring days.

Backstage at Jonathan Saunders

Independent UK magazine Hope ST has just featured my jewellery in their latest issue. Here at the studio we're all over the moon about these beautiful images.

The story was photographed by Anette Schive and styled by Hayley Caine.

All images feature the Cross Hoop earrings in Gold, from the Milagros collection, as well as the Septum Ring in sterling silver, the arrowhead Bangle and hand piece, all from the Modern Primitive collection.

The amazingly cool FKA Twigs has just made it to the cover of the German language publication Spex Magazine - and she's wearing our large hoop earrings, from the Modern Primitive collection!



Like the look? These earrings are available in both silver and gold:


FKA Twigs really set the mood for us here today with these beautiful images - and her music. Check out the videos below and join in on the vibe!




These last few weeks, the mood around our studio has been of renovation and construction: the Thor & Wistle atelier space is going through some changes! We’ve been delving into research for inspiration and can’t get enough of these beautiful images of creative studios.


Mari Andrew's studio


Frida Kahlo at her studio, photographed by Vicent Wolf


Ponte Vechio - a jewellery bench with an amazing view!


Round windows are on my wishlist!


Want to see more of what has been inspiring us? Check out our Pinterest moodboard here.


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Rachel Entwistle picked up the prize for Jewellery Designer of the Year at the UK Watch and Jewellery Awards 2014.

The celebrations don’t stop there though - Rachel’s Shoreditch based store Thor & Wistle co-owned with Kamilla Thorsen also won the award for Boutique Retailer of the year.

Needless to say the team at Rachel Entwistle & Thor & Wistle HQ are in high spirits!
The judges said this designer fulfilled all their criteria with her excellent presentation -"an example of quirky yet commercial British design". The judges were impressed by Entwistle's clear business path, great look book and her hard work in getting everything together in the past year. Saying she has stayed true to her very clear style, and according to one judge: "Using recognisable symbols, she has managed to make her unique pieces intuitively appealing to different ages and genders". Please see below for more information on the UK awards.
The leading names in the UK retail watch and jewellery industry gathered at the London Hilton on Park Lane this week to see who would take home this year’s UK Watch and Jewellery Awards with more than 500 of the country’s leading names gathering to celebrate another successful year in the industry.The UK Watch and Jewellery awards have, for over 20 years, been the most prestigious awards event in the industry’s calendar, every year they celebrate the best  in the retail jewellery business and this year’s winners were no different. The 2014 awards were filled with excitement as popular TV personality Rick Edwards took to the stage to host the evening, and guests danced the night away at the after party. Rachel Entwistle proved to be the true winner of the night taking home two awards including jewellery designer of the year and a second award for her co-owned store Thor & Wistle, taking home the boutique retailer of the year award.                  
Rachel Entwistle is featured in Elle NL - Style Bible Spring 2014 with Georgia May Jagger on the cover.

Inside you will find the Scarab Beetle Pendant in gold among Elle's Trend & Must-Haves for this season.

Meanwhile in London, Daisy Bevan is wearing a unique bespoke ear cuff with cascading silver chains by Rachel Entwistle on the red carpet for the premiere of the film "The Two Faces of January" where she is starring alongside Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen and Oscar Isaac.

For Bespoke enquiries just contact us at info@rachelentwistle.co.uk and we can create a beautiful piece made just for you.

We are thrilled to announce that Rachel Entwistle has been nominated for Designer of Year at the UK Watch & Jewellery Awards 2014 and we have certainly celebrated the good news at the studio with a glass of bubbly!

Every collection designed by Rachel Entwistle is hand-made in our East-London studio, in the heart of Shoreditch, by a small production team with extreme attention to detail. Every single piece is hand-cast, hand-made and hand-formed using techniques such as engraving and riveting.

Precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds, as well as semi-precious stones such as opal and moon stone, are used to embellish necklaces and rings, such as the limited edition Ouroboros Snake Ring below set with Emeralds for the snake's eyes and the Sun, Moon and Four Elements Rings Set in Black Rhodium with a Ruby.

Her versatile designs can be worn in many different ways and combinations. In her latest collection, Alchemical, there are pieces such as the Tria Prima Mini ring that can be worn either at the small finger or as an ear cuff, the Tria Prima stud earrings can be also worn as a nose stud and the Tria Prima hoop earring can be worn at various piercing points. 


Keep your (adorned with beautiful rings) fingers crossed for us !!!


Rachel Entwistle is proud to announce her participation at "ORIGIN" which takes place from 8th - 11th May 2014 at Fiera di Vicenza, Italy.

"ORIGIN, PASSION & BELIEFS" (ORIGIN) is a groundbreaking new festival concept created by Fiera di Vicenza (FdV), the international organisation behind one of the most prominent fine jewellery show, VICENZAORO, and NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL), the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion. 

100 designers from 36 different countries picked from over 3,000 designers of the talent pool of NJAL, will be travelling to Fiera di Vicenza, situated in the North-eastern region of Italy. The Vicenza gold handicraft district is one of the many expressions of creativity originating from this small Italian town. The art of goldsmiths and fine jewellers is in the DNA of the entrepreneurs in the area, boasting over 700 years of tradition. 

During the Origin fair, some the most qualified masters of Italian craftsmanship will give an insight to the techniques and materials used when a product is labelled with the "Made in Italy" stamp. At the same time 150 international buyers and press will be there to engage and collaborate with the designers. Alongside the workshops, attendees will also engage with the Venice Art Biennale 2013 as well as the IUAV Graduate Show in Treviso. By bringing together traditional and regional manufacturing houses with exciting design talents, innovative and pioneering opportunities for both worlds will arise. The collaboration will not only provide buyers with an opportunity to access these designs, but the actual coming together of visionary design with traditional production houses, will plant seeds for the future. ORIGIN is greatly supported by Italy’s leading luxury fashion and jewellery industry corporations, as well as the country’s most renowned fashion design college, the IUAV of Venice.

Rachel Entwistle has been selected among 3,000 designers from the NJAL talent pool, to travel to Italy and present her new AW14 jewellery collection "Modern Primitive" at ORIGIN. Inspired by ancient tools, arrowheads and our own human origins, the collection is entirely handmade in London using metals such as sterling Silver, Gold and Black Rhodium as well as precious stones, creating a fine line embellished with Rubies.

To find out more about ORIGIN, PASSION & BELIEFS, please visit http://www.originfair.com/en/

To arrange an appointment with Rachel Entwistle during ORIGIN please contact us at info@rachelentwistle.co.uk

Rachel Entwistle jewellery has been featured in the latest issue of REVS #10 Satisfaction issue.

Check out this gorgeous editorial below.


Shop the editorial now! 

Click here for the Medium Cross Pendant and the Sulphur Mini Symbol Pendant


Rachel Entwistle has just launched her AW14 collection “Modern Primitive” at LFW: Designer Showrooms. Here is a sneak peek of the new collection and a selection of our best instagram pictures during LFW.


Our stand in the Designer Showrooms, showcasing our core collections with the “Modern Primitive” arrowhead necklace in the centre.

Rachel at the Somerset House courtyard, wearing Paul & Joe leather jacket, Maison Scotch jeans, vintage silk shirt and McQ shoes and Entwistle jewellery of course!

Following the silver trend, Katia is wearing in sterling silver the Ouroboros Snake Bangle, the Bone ring, the Phalanx midi bone ring with a black sapphire and the Four Elements ring; with a pair of silver Maison Martin Margiela trainers to match.


Rachel is also wearing two sterling silver necklaces from the new “Modern Primitive” collection and the Phalanx midi ring with a ruby, with a ruby-red vintage Dior shirt.

A closer look at the “Modern Primitive” ear-cuff, bracelet and rings, a hit with fashion editors and buyers.

All the jewellery designers united for a girl-power pic, from left to right: Noritamy, Daisy Knights, Lily Camper, Rachel Entwistle, Zoe & Morgan.


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Shine bright this winter, either through subtle details or as the main feature, gold and silver tones are dominant yet again. We pick our favourite looks clocking on the metallic trend during the LFW AW14 shows.

The hot-new-name of LFW, Simone Rocha, looked into the Elizabethan period and created a stunning collection with volume, fur and embellished details, while the models paced down the catwalk with gold painted foreheads.


A firm LFW favourite, Marios Schwab chose a more subtle approach, accessorising his ultra-chic collection with little glimpses of silver on studs, brooches and long necklaces.


Gold was the metal of choice at Osman, who combined it with black in brocade, prints and under-layering.


While Zoe Jordan opted for a total silver look, creating a biker jacket to die for.


Finally, king of embellishment, Julien Macdonald, created a glamorous collection full of beading both in silver and gold. If you're gonna shine, you better shine bright.


Be fearless and combine your metallic clothes with matching silver or gold jewellery for a dazzling effect.

Immerce yourself in gold and silver too, with the Gold Bone Ring with Rubies  or the Bone Choker

the Ouroboros Snake Hoops or the Medium Cross Ring 

the Small Cross Hoops and the Mini Symbol Bracelet

All catwalk images from vogue.co.uk

Just a few days to go until London Fashion Week, one of the highest profile fashion events in the world and we are in preparation fever at our Shoreditch studio.

Rachel Entwistle will be revealing for the first time her new collection, named “Modern Primitive” at London Fashion Week: Designer Showrooms. The AW14 collection is inspired by primitive man, his artefacts and power symbols. Exploring the inter-relationship between modern symbolism and ancient signs, the collection bridges history and the contemporary zeitgeist.

We will be tweeting and instagramming our news and adventures during LFW using #RachelEntwistle and you can also tweet us your favourite Rachel Entwistle jewellery using the same hashtag!

If you are a buyer or press and you would like to book an appointment to view the AW14 collection please contact us at info@rachelentwistle.co.uk 

We are delighted to announce that Rachel's collections will now be sold in key Paul Smith boutiques in London and Europe. A cross-selection spanning all of her latest jewellery collections will be available at the Floral Street store at London's Covent Garden and the Heathrow T5 store, for the style-aware travellers! 

At the same time, her designs can be found at the Paris flagship store, Paul Smith Faubourg St Honore and in the brand new Paul Smith store which will soon open in Hamburg's upmarket Hohe Bleichen. 

To find a stockist near you, visit our stockists page

Rachel's Memento Mori collection is now available to the visitors of the Natural History Museum in London, to coincide with the exhibition “Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story”.

The visitors will have the unique opportunity to see more than 200 specimens and objects, including lifelike models of a Neanderthal and a Homo sapiens, specially commissioned for the exhibition, as well as amazing archaeological discoveries from sites around Britain. 

The Memento Mori collection could not be a more fitting addition to the museum's gift shop, with the bone pendants and rings echoing the prehistoric skulls and skeletons of the exhibition. 

To shop the Memento Mori collection click here