Sacred Geometry is a term used to describe patterns, shapes and forms that are part of the make up of all living things.



There are only five solids that can be called platonic solids – the tetrahedron, the hexahedron or cube, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron.



 Some of the oldest examples of the five solids carved from stone (over three hundred of them) have been unearthed in Scotland. They date back to Neolithic times, around 2000 BCE (Before Common Era), but their purpose is still a mystery today.


 Most sacred and ancient traditions were underpinned by the knowledge of Sacred Geometry, the belief that a hidden order unifies all aspects of the Universe. With study and visualisation of the underlying geometric forms of this order, the mind can connect to the Oneness of the Universe. This can occur in many ways through the study of mandalas, engaging in dance where the movements and music were in tune with these geometric patterns, and in sculpture, drawing and architecture.

 Choose your Sacred Geometry shape and Wear the Power!

 Hexahedron or Cube

♦  Earth Element

♦  Root Chakra

♦  Sits flat and firm, is solid and sturdy

♦  Key Function: grounding

♦  Reconnects energy to earth and nature

♦  Regaining refocus

♦  Removing tension and easing physical stresses

♦  Great for work, in car, children and pets.





♦  Water Element

♦  Sacral Chakra

♦  Key Function: transformation

♦  Helps one go with the movement, flow and changes of life effortlessly

♦  Teaches us to ‘go with the flow’

♦  Enhances the creative thought process and freedom of emotional expression

♦  Unblocks and removes emotional stressors that block creative energies

♦  Connected to sexuality, fertility and reproduction.





♦  Fire Element

♦  Solar Plexus

♦  Key Function: manifestation

♦  3rd Dimension

♦  Sits flat no matter which side, perfect symbol for balance and stability

♦  Balance between the physical and spiritual

♦  Supports personal power and acceptance

♦  Creates change.





♦  Air Element

♦  Heart

♦  4th Dimension

♦  Key Function: integration

♦  Cultivates acceptance, forgiveness, love and compassion for self and others

♦  Its mirroring or self-reflecting shape moves us to a higher vibration of reflection, compassion and healing – As Above, So Below.




♦  Ether Element

♦  Third Eye, Crown and Higher (8th and above) Chakras

♦  Key Function: ascension and mystery

♦  Represents divine creation associated with the Universe

♦  Holds a very high but gentle energy so helps cultivate a higher vibration in meditation

♦  An expression of life & consciousness beyond physical vibrations of the body

♦  Connect to Higher Self or Source energy.