Rachel Entwistle nominated as Designer of the Year at the UK Watch & Jewellery Awards 2014 May 07 2014

We are thrilled to announce that Rachel Entwistle has been nominated for Designer of Year at the UK Watch & Jewellery Awards 2014 and we have certainly celebrated the good news at the studio with a glass of bubbly!

Every collection designed by Rachel Entwistle is hand-made in our East-London studio, in the heart of Shoreditch, by a small production team with extreme attention to detail. Every single piece is hand-cast, hand-made and hand-formed using techniques such as engraving and riveting.

Precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds, as well as semi-precious stones such as opal and moon stone, are used to embellish necklaces and rings, such as the limited edition Ouroboros Snake Ring below set with Emeralds for the snake's eyes and the Sun, Moon and Four Elements Rings Set in Black Rhodium with a Ruby.

Her versatile designs can be worn in many different ways and combinations. In her latest collection, Alchemical, there are pieces such as the Tria Prima Mini ring that can be worn either at the small finger or as an ear cuff, the Tria Prima stud earrings can be also worn as a nose stud and the Tria Prima hoop earring can be worn at various piercing points. 


Keep your (adorned with beautiful rings) fingers crossed for us !!!