HALLOWEEN: Celebration of death and life

Halloween has its origins in ancient pagan cultures, especially the Celtic and Gaelic traditions. It marked the end of summer and transition to autumn in the physical world, but also had a spiritual correspondent.

All Hallows Eve also celebrates Death and Life, as it was believed to be the night that the souls of the recently deceased would travel on to the next realm, a special window in time when the dead could mingle with the living. It is a potent night full of mystical power and meaning.

It is interesting to think how all religions have a day to honour the other side of the Veil. Celtic culture calls it Samhain, in Mexico it is called Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Catholicism has All Saint’s Day.

Edward S. Curtis, The Eclipse Dance 

Douglas Beasley, Earth Meets Spirit

This unity, despite its different names (and even calendar dates), shows our common need to connect with this energy and pay respect to this important moment in time of every human life.

My Alchemical collection uses symbols of life, matter and the elements in homage to these ancient traditions. I invite you to choose your symbol and amulet and carry it with you.

Happy Hallows Eve!

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