This season, for the new Metamorphosis collection, I am revisiting symbols that are very dear to me and have become big influences in m design. Since this collection is all about a journey of personal transformation, I couldn’t have a collection without featuring the Scarab Beetle.

In Ancient Egypt, Scarabs were popular amulets due to their fierce survival skills. It was also believed that they could guarantee passage into the afterlife, concealing the sins of the heart. Scarabs were made in dark green or black stone with a gold base and engraved inscriptions and were placed on top of a mummy’s chest, covering his heart. The engravings were spells commanding the heart not to give evidence against the deceased when being judged by the gods of the underworld.

Scarabs in Amethyst, Glazed steatite, Dark green stone and Alabaster – Metropolitan Museum of Art



Scarab amulets - Metropolitan Museum of Art

Scarab amulets and inscriptions 

The Scarab beetle is also associated with the god Khepri, who was thought to push the Sun across the sky each morning, bringing the light of day.   

Golden Throne of Tutankhamun

These myths surround the Scarab and give it many meanings as a symbol of enlightenment, spiritual awakening, cosmic forces and eternity itself. The Scarab is a guide of the cosmic universe, showing us the path when we are at a crossroads.

Wear the Scarab to an enlightened life and seek new paths!