The moth became a powerful symbol throughout the design process of the Metamorphosis collection. As transformation is part of its nature, we can see it as the ultimate example from the natural world to symbolize personal journey and renewal, which is the central theme in this collection.

The moth’s life cycle is about metamorphosis and so its egg stage can symbolize the birth of an idea, the larvae stage being the foundation, the chrysalis stage as a symbol of manifestation and the growth of its wings symbolise taking flight and exploration.


Moths are nocturnal creatures and so conduct all their activities in complete darkness, a characteristic that becomes a symbol of living by intuitive feeling, rather than physical perception. It is also a symbol of ease of movement in the darkness, secret knowledge, psychic awareness and the ability to seek the light. This dualistic nature also relates do the Yin Yang cycle of light and dark.


As humans, we also have the ability to seek the light and use our dreams, awareness and our deeper, inner intuition to navigate the dark times of our lives.

The Moth navigates the darkness through lunar light and is diligent in seeking its path, which can also be an example for us to keep determination in our own ambitions and find a silver lining in any crisis.