FKA twigs Jewellery Style

It is fair to say that FKA twigs is changing what it means to be a pop star as she combines music, dance, video and style to share with us her creative vision. Her signature hairstyle has taken fashion by storm, as have her amazing style and jewellery choices. As a designer, I am also simply obsessed with the way FKA twigs and her stylist Karen Clarkson take on the styling of her jewellery and am thrilled that they have chosen my pieces so many times.

Complex magazine has just featured FKA Twigs wearing Rachel Entwistle jewellery on the cover of this month’s issue, so I thought I’d look back into some of my favourite style moments from twigs.

FKA twigs wears Milagros Cross Hoops in silver

FKA twigs wears Modern Primitive Double Arrow Stud and Modern Primitive Mini Hoops.

FKA twigs wears Modern Primitive Mini Stacker Ring and Sun Moon and Four Elements stacker set.

Read Complex’s interview with FKA twigs in full (in a page that is impressively coded too).

One of FKA twigs’ signature jewellery looks is cross hoops. Here she is again wearing her pair of Milagros Cross Hoops in GQ magazine.

Another jewellery piece FKA twigs has been seen in is the Modern Primitive Mini Hoop which she wears in gold or silver, a great choice to mix & match with multiple jewellery piercing points.

FKA twigs wears Modern Primitive Mini Hoops in Gold at Coachella 2015

The large hoops from the Modern Primitive collection are also a great look on FKA twigs, seen here on the cover of German magazine Spex.

FKA twigs wears Modern Primitive Large Hoops in Gold


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