Florence and The Machine : Four Elements Symbolism in New Tattoos June 27 2015

Florence Welch, of Florence and The Machine, has been spotted with a new finger tattoo of the Alchemical symbols for Air and Water (or Fire and Earth depending on how you view her hand)! This symbolism is very strong in my Alchemical collection and so it is always amazing to see common inspirations connect. 

Florence Shows Off Her New Ink On Instagram


I already had an inkling that Florence was a fan of these symbols, she has previously visited my shop and bought both the Sun Moon Four Elements Ring Set and Ouroboros Ring from the Alchemical collection. I'm looking forward to seeing what other alchemy-inspired treats she will reveal in this new album.



Sun Moon Four Elements Ring Set


The new album cover for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful also features the symbolism and comes to its own in the cover of the first official single, ‘What Kind of Man’.




The four elements each stand alone to represent the four basic elements, as well as working together in different combinations and with other alchemical symbols. You can find all this symbolism across my Alchemical collection, such as the Tria Prima

Keep an eye out for more pieces with this symbolism, which may just appear in store at Rachel Entwistle in the near future! 

 Florence Sings From Her New Album 

The Four Element Symbols As Depicted In Alchemy