Summer Solstice : Strength and Mischeif June 20 2015

Today is Midsummer's eve, preceding the shortest night before tomorrow's summer solstice when the sun is in the sky for the longest it will be in the year. The suns radiating potency gives power to our dreams, awakening potential and creativity in our selves as the sun turns and the days begin to shorten towards the harvest.

In ancient religions, Midsummer has long been considered the night for mysteries and mischief, bringing visions or madness as the force of the sun works to embolden emotions and obsessions as the veil between this world and the next is thin and spirits roam freely. Some across England and many across the world will join together for the shortest night's immemorial tradition of midsummer bonfires, guiding themselves through to the rest of the year and renewing intentions to take forward. 

The cycle of the suns path in our skies has been a fascination to mankind, giving us a focus for our art, a path to follow for rituals and a guide to creating the calendar that the world follows today.
As a symbol☉ the sun can represent our  own power of personal transformation and the ability to bring wholeness to ourselves through self will.  It was also associated with Khepri, god of the rising sun. I have harnessed the strength of this symbology in several of my pieces; the Sun Moon Elements stacking set and the Scarab Metamorphosis jewellery.