Piercings. December 15 2015

Piercing and body adornment has been consistent throughout history as a form of self expression.


From men of great wealth and status wearing gold hoop earrings, primitive tribes embellished in piercings to prevent demons entering the body and early punk subcultures expressing rebellion by wearing multiple piercings, piercing has been THE way to express yourself. 


 Shakespeare with his gold hoop bling c.1600

Fantastic Man editorial featuring my unisex gold cross hoops from the Milagros Collection


Traditional Tribal Jewellery 


FKA Twigs wear gold hoop earrings  and silver threads from Modern Primitive Collection


young Swedish punk, 1977. Keystone/Hulton Archive / Getty Images




In fashion, piercing continues as a styling focus. Multiple piercings and septum piercings  continue to  feature highly. High fashion label Givenchy 2012 collection mixed haute couture with an oversized embellished punk edge and their most recent fall collection is adorned with pearls and gothic stones. Think Victorian-Chola girl.


Givenchy 2012

Givenchy 2015