Our Ibiza Dreamers

Our Ibiza Dreamers

Collaboration has been a key part of the Rachel Entwistle brand over the past 3-4 years. For me as a designer it has meant an opportunity to be challenged to think and see differently and to work in process with others rather than in isolation. It allows and encourages me to grow and to challenge myself. This concept is also a key foundation for how the brand works, from our relationship with our customers and community to how we work as a team internally in the studio and store. 


This recent collaboration with Fara Boutique is the ultimate expression of a long term collaborative friendship and business relationship with the women behind Fara. We have been stocking their beautiful clothing range in the Rachel Entwistle store and have been collaborating on photoshoots in Goa and London for the past few years.

The essence of our friendship is collaboration over competition. Working together, bigging each other up and working in a way to support every area of what we do rather than working in a secretive, competitive way which has often been the historical and what we believe highly outdated way of working within the fashion and jewellery industries. We truly believe there is a space for us all to grow if we support each other.


As designers we have a deep love and respect for people and the planet in which we live and are passionate about developing more conscious, ethical and sustainable ways to run our businesses. It was crucial to us that the process and fabric used should have as little negative impact on the planet as possible. And so we have created a range using the sustainable fabric Hemp. It is the ultimate sustainable, breathable and soft fabric.


We wanted the collection to be comfortable and yet a put together look. For women who want to have a strong yet comfortable look to enable them to do what they do best, in comfort but without compromising how they look. Be that travelling, working, mothering or any of the myriad of roles we need to undertake. 


And so the idea came to me to shoot the collection on some of my closest friends here in Ibiza. They truly epitomise the kind of badass women I envision wearing the collection. They are inspirational women - creatives, mothers, painters, food alchemists. 


The collection designs were based on Rachel's continuous line drawings for the earrings which we then worked with Fara in a Japanese calligraphy style to develop the print. The design shapes were inspired by Miro’s constellation series and his fascination and hope with the forces that surround us, and how we can manifest these in our own creative approaches. The Dreamer collection takes us on a journey through these surreal symbols and dream characters.

Interview with DeLaRoca

Where do you live and what do you do?

Currently, I'm living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I have been there for almost 6 years and I really love it. I live with my partner and our new baby, Gabriel. I am an image consultant, and what I do is perform transformations for everyday people through style and fashion. I help people align their true inner selves and reflect that through the outside, through fashion.
Also, a big project that really excites me and I've been working on for a very long time is my Delaroca designs. What I do is I make jewelry out of mainly hand blown glass or natural materials like shells, etc. What's been proven to be really popular are my earrings. I also have been painting and creating dresses out of silk and leather. This all started when my partner and I had a club night at a residency, a really cool club night called Sway, in downtown New York, in Soho. I needed a new outfit every week and I just didn't wanna be a slave for having to find a new look so I just started creating new clothes. It started from deconstructing one silk top, where I didn't love the way it looked. So I painted it with a paintbrush and a fabric dye and totally constructed a new piece and it was a real hit. The rest is just history.
One other thing we are trying to focus on is our musical act, where he is a DJ and I live-paint to the music. We also have our original music that we are set to release and we want to hit the festival scene to perform at events. So many things, but it all ties together.

What brought you to Ibiza?

Ever since I was a young party girl many-many years ago, I was always fascinated with Ibiza. I came here a couple of years ago and when I was here, I heard that there was a whole other side to the island, so I knew I had to come back. We were displaced from our home due to renovations in Autumn and  I saw a room for rent for 3 months during the wintertime here in Ibiza, I was like, boom. So it all happened super-fast. I was out here at the beginning of December and I'm going home on March 1st. It's been an amazing 3 months, and I'm so happy that I came, I met incredible people. It's true what the locals say, that Ibiza is the best-kept secret in the wintertime, so yeah, I love it here. 

What's your views on your creativity?

Creativity is a special thing. I feel really lucky because I think it's something you are born with. I definitely think people can cultivate it, but there is something unique about people who have that extra talent or gift to be able to create and make something out of nothing. Whether you make beautiful clothes, or make music or write poems, etc... just having that creative spirit and mind is something special.  Creativity has been a huge part of my life and there is a huge freedom specifically for me with being creative when it comes to clothing because 
I like to express myself through clothing and style . Now that I can make clothes, I feel free, I feel aligned with my values when it comes to sustainability and the fashion industry. I feel good that I can create my own clothes, source my own material or even repurpose a lot of the things that I wear.

What's it like being a mother and managing your creativity? 

It's the absolute best, I definitely feel like my life has completely changed and restarted for the better. I have so much purpose in my life and I want to live an even more wholesome life, for my son and I want to surround him with love and creativity and music and culture and I wanna help bring a really good little man into this world because we really need them.  Really the only time right now that I have to create is when he's asleep and I have yet to master the skill to do art, etc when he's awake because that requires my constant attention. There are a million things to do with your life when he's asleep, like handle my image consultation business, so it really leaves me with little time to create. I just really wanna try to work creativity into my schedule and carve out a bit more time. I know I will be able to do this when I reunite with my fiance in New York upstate, and we can trade-off creative/ caregiving time. 

What inspires and excites you?

I love before and afters, like working with my clients, completely changing their lives through changing their outward appearance and finding out who they are inside and helping them exhibit that through their looks. I also love before and afters when I make over peoples living spaces. There is this wonderful nonna (grandma) here and she's been so kind and has been watching Gabriel so I just wanted to do something super nice for her so I gave her home a little makeover and she's so happy. Helping people de-clutter their lives and feng shui-ing their spaces has such a strong impact. I always wanna help people, see the excitement, see them happy. 

What was your favourite design from the Dreamer collection and how do you see yourself wearing it? 

Definitely what I got to wear, the navy pant suit. I never wear navy blue and I just feel super cool and chic and comfortable in this pant suit. It definitely works for my lifestyle, cause I had my son on set during the shoot and I was just able to run around with him, bend over, pick him up and I just felt ready for anything but also super chic. I just really loved the feel of the fabric and knew I could just dress this particular set up and down, depending on the shoes or jewelry that I wore. I was super happy that I got to wear this look. 
I'd see myself wearing the look anywhere! I'd wear it on a plane, I'd wear it with a client, I'd wear it going out, I'd wear it to the beach, to go to the supermarket. You can just change your shoes, wear it with heels, wear it with converse, wear it with sandals, wear it with a shirt, with no shirt, with a bralette, buttoned-down, you could wear it with a little scarf, so many ways to wear this little badass situation, I just need it in my life. 

Interview with Hannah Lederer

Where do you live and what do you do?

I’m a chef in Ibiza and absolutely love the life I live here! Apologies if that sounds a bit gushy but I really do and am so grateful that I get to do what I love, spend time with magical loving humans, expand my heart and see the ocean every day!

My favourite part of my job is that I get to be creative every day with food and meet incredible people. I love cooking on retreats (no shortage of those here) and watching people heal and transform and integrate over the course of a deep retreat. Of course there’s a lot of washing dishes, cracked skin (no manicures here) and l-o-n-g days standing in the kitchen. But I am truly happy and aware of a constant growth and expansion with a sun drenched Ibiza backdrop. I can’t imagine feeling bored here!

What excites you?

I came to the island to cook with a friend on a retreat and to take a break from London restaurant life and the cycle I was in there. I stayed for the retreat then never left. Every day I am so incredibly grateful to this island for welcoming me and opening doors to a truly magical life. I feel so alive and so happy to live here. There is never a dull moment and that is how I like to live life. I know it’s not for everyone but I thoroughly enjoy a bit of chaos, spontaneity and excitement and not knowing what’s coming next. There are many thrills and delights to uncover here and my heart is constantly expanding and opening to the possibilities.  Life excites me! Every juicy moment, the connections with other people, dance floors, sunsets, sunrises, work and all the delicious food I can create and enjoy, adventures to unknown parts of the island and long summer swims…

What inspires you? 
This island! I love to cook veg focussed beautiful, nourishing food and choose the best ingredients locally grown. I frequently experiment and rarely make the same thing in the same way twice! I just can’t help myself from adding a pinch here or there or improvising with what I can find in the kitchen. My secret to adding deliciousness even when you think something hasn’t gone to plan would be ibiza lemons, local olive oil, and lots of fresh herbs. I have been very inspired by long hikes and all the edible forage and bright seasonal deliciousness. I love growing food and watching the process seeing seeds turn into food with very little human help. Living here has been a hell of a journey! A very healing journey for me too, as I’ve faced my fears, expressed my truth and keep moving through life here with an open and ever expanding heart.

What is your favourite design from the Dreamer collection and where do you see yourself wearing it? 

I absolutely adore these clothes. The blue two piece is my favourite. I feel like a sexy badass boss. I feel like I could nail any situation in it - walk into a room, deliver my needs and get served up exactly what I need and more! The fabric is phenomenally soft and beautiful. I can move and stretch and don’t feel remotely inhibited by the clothes. There’s enough space to move, but also beautiful shape to show off the beautiful bodies of the women underneath. I love that the jumpsuit could be comfortable day time casual or dressed up into a killer evening outfit. I adore the clothes. I want to wear them every where and all day long. Comfortable, sexy and beautifully unique. Just like the women who wear them!

Interview with Nora

Where do you live and what do you do?

I’m an artist, set designer & co-owner of Las Cicadas which is the Boutique Villa location for this Dreamer shoot. I grew up in Ibiza. Left for some years and returned 7 years ago. There is no other place like Ibiza. I lived in Barcelona and studied art there. I also lived in India & Brazil working on various creative projects. When I became a mother I knew I wanted to return to ibiza and raise my daughter there in nature & freedom.

What inspires you and what do you dream of?

I dream of living in a creative community and surrounding myself with beauty & creativity. Oh wait I already do :) Art & Nature are the most important and inspiring things to me and being around like minded beings.

What is your favourite design from the Dreamer collection and where do you see yourself wearing it?

I love the whole collection. I really love the Burnt Orange two piece suit. I loved wearing the jumpsuit. So playful & comfortable. Letting me be my free spirited self. I can see myself wearing it to any occasion. So casual yet so glamorous.

And don't forget about our Dreamer Earrings!

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