Our Temporary Store Closure

Our Temporary Store Closure
On Friday we closed our store, temporarily I hope. It was an intense and sad day with so much unknown for all of us. 
We have moved all our designs to a safe location and will continue to fulfil online orders. I’d like to say a big thank you to those who have continued to order and hopefully will continue to order online. It is going to be a really tough time for independents during the coming months. In many ways it doesn’t matter how strong your business is or how good you are, cashflow and zero income can bankrupt a business very quickly. 
If small businesses are to get through this we are going to need your support more than ever, even for little orders. Every little thing counts. Hopefully many of you will still be supported by your employment and can continue to shop locally and ensure our communities businesses survive this. 
Although we are in an intense and challenging time we still have each other. We have our communities, family and friends.
Already within a week of events occurring London has come alive with acts of kindness with groups in every borough to support those in need. We will look back on this period and see what we are really made of. Let’s try and keep calm, keep connected and support each other. We are ALL in this together.  
Today me and our team shared tips of what we’ve been doing to keep calm and inspired. We will be sharing our home projects, jewellery tips and inspirations with you and hope to see what you are all doing at home while we cannot see you in the store. 
Keep safe. Stay at home. Lets collectively get through this x 


In the mean time…


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Orders will be posted out once a week so please bear with us!

We are now offering free shipping on all UK orders 

Keep emailing us with any queries you have regarding existing orders or general questions - we’re still here!



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Keep Calm & Creative

Keep Calm & Creative

Helping Communities

Helping Communities