Super Full Moon in Saggitarius

A Full super-moon means that the moon is very close to the earth and has a particular weight, intensity and power. The lunation is in the Sagittarius region ruled by Jupiter- a planet of freedom, truth and justice.

This is a fantastic time for completion giving yourself and your loved one an energetic tidy-up.

The moon lands at 23 degrees of Sagittarius this Tuesday and will bring natural laws and truth. Stay true to yourself and ask if you have set healthy boundaries; come home to your feelings and inner child. Remember to be nurturing to yourself and take some time for culinary delights. This is a time of inner and outer revolution. Take this beautiful full moon to eat in one of your favourite spots in Ibiza or London. Visit food 'casa' Jondal - a luxurious place to wine and dine. A synergy of food and moon gazing will be a delicious way to enjoy this moon.
You shall feel breakthroughs with this energy. Anything you have been meaning to change might feel easier to actualise. Harness this energy.

Where is your focus? What are you feeding your mind? Bring attention to the here and now, cleanse and clean. Trust your animal instincts and bring out your fierceness in all ways.

Silver has the reflectivity, electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals and has antimicrobial properties. Silver brings nurturing, purifying, protective power and reflectivity into our lives. Ancient astrologers closely related the silver archetype to the moon of one that heals and protects. Suggested necklaces:

Alchemists Rotary Pendant
Tria Prima Mini Pendants

What is your evolutionary intention for this glorious month?

Give some time to receiving messages and pay attention, soothing and calming our hearts, minds and bodies.

Reinforce your personal vision and direction. Access those inner resources and inner golden wisdom deep inside you.

This animal sign is full of mysticism, passion and impulsiveness. The moon in Sagittarius- the centaur, is all about stirring things up and paying attention to the development of the human soul. Address the temple of your mind, clean out the cobwebs and refresh your mental state.

The best way to commune with the moon is to wear silver. This metal is a powerful tool as it illuminates and brings luck connecting to the energy of Ibizan land. Try Rachel's Terra collection for grounding and illumination during this time.

To get the full vision of this glorious lunation, visit the "Time and Space" art installation created by the world-renowned sculptor Andrew Rogers. Situated along the stunning coastline of Calla Llentia in Ibiza is a special place for viewing the moon passing. Allow yourself to relax and become at one with the cosmos.

Crystal Mountain is another stunning location near Sant Joan. Heading here can help you connect to the magical energies of the island. Rest and recuperate your energy whilst gazing at beautiful crystals of all shapes and sizes, taking in otherworldly moon gazing.

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