The oldest bracelet ever discovered dates back 40,000 years – to a Siberian cave. Powerful symbols of our allegiances and relationships, today we wear friendship bracelets and medicinal bracelets, to show our support of social causes, and spiritual bracelets to express our connection to the cosmic or divine.

Rachel Entwistle’s Moon Phase Bangle represents the mystery and power of the lunar cycle, intuition and the sacred feminine. Her hand carved Ouroboros Snake Gold Bracelet reminds us of the cyclicality of nature, and our place in the cycle of time. The Tria Prima Bracelet is inspired by the Renaissance alchemists and their holistic approach to life – integrating science and metaphysics. The tough luxe Bone Bracelet is cast in bronze from a real rabbit bone, symbolising prosperity, abundance and fertility.

Handmade in London for the unbreakable bonds between us.