Rachel Entwistle


From the ancient Egyptians to Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Connell’s chain, necklaces and pendants have always been rich in meaning – serving us as ceremonial, religious and spiritual symbols, conveying wealth and status (180,000 Instagram followers in Connell’s case).

Rachel Entwistle’s collection of narrative necklaces include the Creation Pendant, Lunar Coin and Alchemist’s Rotary Pendant, which traces the movement of the planets through rotating celestial symbols. The beautifully conceived Rays of Light Gold Pendant Necklace draws on the iconography of the evil eye and the Benevolent Protector, to always watch over you or a loved one. The Zodiac necklaces offer sacred inscriptions with constellations of meaning for the earth bound. Handcrafted pieces - suitable for Supreme Court judges, Connell and everyone in between.