Rachel Entwistle


Alchemical jewellery symbolises the earth as a single living organism, cyclical and elemental, alive with spirit.

Renaissance alchemists saw the earth as a single living organism, infused with the celestial spirit of the stars and planets as mother and father to all. To them, all matter was alive with spirit, striving towards higher spiritual forms, as lead ripening towards gold. The Rachel Entwistle Alchemical Collection embodies the Renaissance alchemists’ vision. The Ouroboros bracelet and earrings remind us of the cyclicality of nature and our place in the cycle of time. The Tria Prima mini hoops, bracelets and pendants represent the Renaissance alchemists’ Three Primes: mercury (spirit), salt (body) and sulphur (soul). Rachel’s Moon Phase Ring represents the mystery and power of the lunar cycle, intuition and the sacred feminine.