Rachel Entwistle

Men's Jewellery

From the eagle talon necklaces of prehistoric Croatia to the signet rings of the pharaohs and the single drop earrings of the Renaissance, men’s jewellery has symbolised social status, mystical powers, wealth and creative self-expression.

Rachel Entwistle’s collection offers a second Renaissance in male jewellery, rich in symbolism, meaning and artistry. Men’s signet rings were traditionally worn as men’s pinky rings, but rules are made to be broken, and Rachel’s designs will help you express your personal style. Her hand engraved rings include the Egyptian scarab beetle as a symbol of rebirth, the moth as guidance towards the light, and astral rings as a homage to the planet inspired jewellery of pre-Colombia. Rachel’s gold necklaces for men include the utilitarian minimalism of primitive arrowheads and the Scarab coin necklace. Or choose the prehistoric man inspired bone pendant cast in silver from a real rabbit bone, symbolising prosperity and abundance. Handcrafted – for modern-day Renaissance men and women.