Rachel Entwistle


Sacred geometry minimalist jewellery - the language of mathematics and the universe.

Sacred geometry describes the perfectly symmetrical shapes and mathematical patterns that form the plan for life in the universe, from microscopic flowers to giant rock formations, pyramids and planets. These mathematical patterns govern the natural world and have an orderly, meditative beauty that connects our mind, body and spirit with the sacred language of the universe. Rachel Entwistle’s collection continues the long line of artists, musicians and philosophers whose work evokes the power of sacred geometry. Rachel is particularly drawn to polygons and polyhedrons (Plato’s Solids), which are said to form the basis of every design in the universe. Hexagon-faced turquoise stone rings square up to malachite. Dodecahedron necklace pendants encircle black onyx’s protective power. This minimalist jewellery collection plays with three-dimensional space to create clean, structured lines and a mesmerising pared-down beauty. Hold the universe in your hand.

Handmade in London for connection to all beings through time and space.