Rachel Entwistle


Astral – celestial jewellery for timeless wisdom and the guidance of the stars.

The Rachel Entwistle Astral Collection is inspired by the ancient jewellery traditions of pre-Colombia, when gold was not desired for its economic value but for its transformative powers. Gold artefacts, music and dance, were used by the elite to channel the sun’s regenerative power and guide the soul journey, exploring the threshold between the human and supernatural, the living and the dead.

This collection will transport you to Rachel’s winter in Colombia, where, amongst the canyons and sagebrush, under a diamond-dusted night sky, she envisaged the circles and spirals that would pay homage to the cosmic patterns of pre-Colombian jewellery. Highlights include the best-selling Interstellar Ring, matching earrings, soothing Green Onyx Rings, and anchoring Black Onyx Pendants, said to protect and regenerate.
Handmade in London for adventures under the guidance of stars.