Rachel Entwistle


Rings have served as symbols of wealth and authority since the ancient Egyptians, when signet rings bore the name and title of the wearer in hieroglyphics. The ancient Greeks wore solid gold rings for self-expression and decoration, and the Romans for high office and betrothal.
Rachel Entwistle’s lifelong interest in anthropology, culture and meaning finds a natural
home in ring symbolism. Her intricate Ouroboros Snake Ring reminds us of the cyclicality of nature, and our place in the cycle of time. The Moon Phases Ring expresses the mystery and power of the lunar cycle, intuition and the sacred feminine. The Lunar Signet Ring, also a pinky ring, guides the wearer to the light as a moth to flame. The Scarab Signet Ring symbolises rebirth and renewal in the face of challenge, inspired by the ancient Egyptian use of the beetle as a guarantor of safe passage to the afterlife. The Solid Gold Ring Collection offers an invitation to layer these stories – modern heirlooms to give and receive, pass on and hand down. Handcrafted, for the circle of life.