Jewellery care and other mysteries

 Rachel Entwistle

Have you ever wondered about jewellery care?

Our jewellery is handmade from Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil (18ct gold-plated sterling silver), Solid 9ct or 18ct Gold, and various precious and semi-precious stones. Treating them with care will ensure a long life for each RE piece, to share, hand down, or wear forever.

Here are some ways to make sure you keep your jewellery looking good as new over the next years! 



Store your pieces individually, so they don’t scratch one another! Keeping your chains fastened keeps the tangling at bay, and closing your hoop earrings will keep them organised.

As silver and gold vermeil will naturally tarnish and oxidise with time and wear, keeping them in a sealed airtight container will help slow down oxidation.



Exposure to chlorine, salt water, and other chemicals can tarnish your jewellery, and can cause the gold vermeil to fade more quickly, so keep your pieces from looking dull by not swimming, showering, or washing your hands with them.

Sleeping in your jewellery also increases signs of wear from friction and pressure.



Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean your jewellery periodically can bring back the shine and rub some light oxidation off.



We plate our solid sterling silver jewellery with high-micron hard gold in 18ct. This is a surface layer that will wear over time. Earrings and necklaces tend to wear much slower than rings.

Should your RE piece need to be replated, we offer an affordable replating service, which you can avail of either in-store or online.



We make our jewellery with the intention of it being a forever piece. If your jewellery gets damaged or broken, we are usually able to repair it. Send us an email or inquire in-store, and we can see what we can do for you.

We want you to enjoy your RE pieces for as long as possible and with proper care and repair, you can wear them forever, or pass them down as heirlooms for your loved ones to enjoy.

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