Rachel Entwistle


Earrings are among the oldest forms of body modification, dating back to the ancient Indus and the Minoans. A powerful symbol of self-expression, earrings have come to symbolise wealth, status, rebellion and artistry – from the bone talismans of primitive tribes to the inverted religious symbolism of rock-n-roll.

Rachel Entwistle’s Ishtar palm like earrings draw on the the power of the Akkadian goddess of love and beauty. Athena, the Greek Warrior Goddess of Wisdom and War, is muse for Rachel’s sinuous small hoop and statement hoop earrings. The Tria Prima set of three gold earrings for men and women (earrings that go up the ear) is inspired by the Renaissance alchemists, who believed that all material substances are made up of the “Tria Prima” or Three Primes: mercury (spirit), salt (body) and sulphur (soul). FKA twigs subverts the religious symbolism of our silver Cross Hoop Earring with the pagan Modern Primitive Gold Hoops. Handcrafted for nymphs, free spirits and rock-n-rollers.