Rachel Entwistle

Mini Piercings

Introducing the Mini Piercings Collection, a curated selection of beloved designs reimagined in miniature for pierced ears.


Dive into a realm of timeless elegance with our Ouroboros Snake Huggies, symbolizing eternal cycles and the interconnectedness of life. Illuminate your style with the Rays of Light Studs, capturing the celestial radiance that dances through the cosmos. Embrace celestial energy with the Celestial Ear Jacket, a versatile piece designed to elevate any ensemble with its celestial allure. Explore the depths of sacred symbolism with our Sacred Geometry Studs, each intricate pattern reflecting the harmony and balance of the universe. Crafted with precision and passion, these mini treasures offer a glimpse the enchanting world of Rachel Entwistle's iconic designs, inviting you to adorn your ears with symbols of beauty, wisdom, and cosmic significance.