Craftsmanship & Vision

At Rachel Entwistle we believe in well crafted jewellery that is made to last.

We believe in buying less but buying well.

We craft each of our pieces in limited runs, often making to order and never wasting any of our pieces through over production. 

We have a jewellery workshop based at our store in London where our in house jewellers work, we also work closely with artisans in Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery quarter.
Our pieces are carefully crafted using a combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.
Our London casters use up to 80% recycled metal.
More recently we have begun to work with a production house in India (for a limited range of our pieces especially with gemstones) who have strong ethical policies which include state of the art and safe working conditions, holiday and healthcare and regular working hours for employees along with above average pay for the industry). Of course no child labour is involved in this production. All gemstones are cut in house which allows us to be closer to the gemstone cutting process. 
It is a priority for us to not only visit but work closely with all of our jewellers and artisans whether in London or elsewhere. 
Our in house team are able to refit or resize most pieces to ensure no gift or self purchase is left unworn. We offer in house repairs to ensure your pieces last a lifetime and not just a season. We offer cleaning and re-polishing services to bring life back to jewellery that may have been unworn or scuffed from wear.
We design with strong narrative concepts around each piece, connecting the wearer to the design, the designer and the inspiration behind each piece. We don’t believe in seasonal  throwaway design but in creating jewellery that will last and be loved for years. 
Studio and store
In 2019 we have
- started working with a (almost) 100% recycling company (bar bubble wrap) for our waste disposal.
-We have a water filter system to avoid our team using disposable plastics.
-We avoid printing unless absolutely necessary.
-We have reduced our postal packaging sizes and moved from un-recyclable jiffy bags to small boxes for delivery. 
We will continue to look at how we can reduce our impact through our studio practices.