Craftsmanship & Vision

At Rachel Entwistle each piece is carefully crafted with love using a combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. We like to work with the individual and the artisan and have long standing relationships with each of our partners.

Sustainable Jewellery and Relationships

We see large scale, fast turnaround production as divorced from humanity. We believe in slower processes that connect us to the earth, to makers and to craftsmanship. We have a jewellery workshop at our Shoreditch store where our in-house jewellers work in a tight team – trading tips on house plants alongside the soldering and polishing. We have long term relationships with a select number of artisans in Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery quarter. Ranging from highly skilled stone setters to master engravers. Our makers in Jaipur have strong ethical policies which include safe working conditions, holiday and healthcare and regular working hours for employees along with above average pay. Of course, no child labour is involved in this production. We work closely with all of our jewellers and artisans, wherever they are. 

Recycled Jewellery and Extending Life

We believe in cherishing things and passing them on, creating layers of meaning over time. We don’t believe in seasonal throwaway design but in creating jewellery that will last and be loved for years. So, we make well-crafted jewellery that lasts and use recycled metals wherever we can – even the cut offs and metal dust from our workshop is recycled.

We offer in house repairs to ensure our pieces last a lifetime, not a season. We offer cleaning and re-polishing services to bring scuffed jewellery back to life.

We loathe disposable mass consumption without meaning or value. We buy less but buy well. Our runs are limited. We make to order, to avoid any waste.

Our in-house team refit or resize so that no gift is left unworn.

Studio and store Practices

In 2019 we started working with a (almost) 100% recycling company (bar bubble wrap) for our waste disposal.

We have a water filter system to avoid disposable plastics.

We don’t print unless absolutely necessary.

We have reduced our postal packaging sizes and moved from un-recyclable jiffy bags to small boxes for delivery. 

We continue to work to reduce our impact through our studio practices. 

The True Meaning of Ethical Jewellery

For us ethical jewellery is not just about the way it’s made. It’s also about the way it’s portrayed – on social media and beyond. We want to disrupt the external focus, the objectification of jewellery, the airbrushed perfection, the superficial and pretentious. The way jewellery is so often portrayed as exclusive – a means to show off and create separation. We are interested in who you are, where you’re going and what role Rachel Entwistle Jewellery can play in helping you get there. Our jewellery is a means of self-expression – a way of communicating who you are, what’s important to you, and your relationship to the world around you. We are with you.