Cube Mini Pendant Silver


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 Rachel Entwistle
 Rachel Entwistle
 Rachel Entwistle

Sacred Geometry Collection

The Sacred Geometry Collection explores the mathematical beauty and symmetry of polygons and the platonic solids. These forms have been revered since ancient times for their perfection of form and in Ancient Greece where they were associated with elemental forces. 

The Hexahedron or cube is associated with the element of Earth and corresponds to the Root Chakra. It sits flat, firmly rooted to its spot, connecting with the earth and nature. It has a solid foundation and symbolises stability and grounding energy.


+ Gender neutral design can be worn by anyone
Certified Recycled Sterling Silver 
+ Handmade 


Certified Recycled Sterling Silver.


Total chain length, choose between:

41cm / 16"

46cm / 18"

Shape Measurements: 0.62 cm x 0.68cm


 Rachel Entwistle
 Rachel Entwistle
 Rachel Entwistle