Tria Prima Mini Pendant Gold - Mercury


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 Rachel Entwistle
 Rachel Entwistle

Alchemical Collection

The Tria Prima or Three Primes are the base of everything according to Alchemy. Salt stands for the Base Matter, Mercury for the connection between the High and Low and Sulphur for the Omnipresent Spirit of Life.

The Tria Prima Pendants are handmade in London, cast in Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold plated. Choose the symbol that represents you the most or wear all symbols together for the full Alchemical effect.

Each Tria Prima necklace is handmade in London, for modern day alchemists and

Mercury: To the Renaissance alchemists, mercury’s volatility made it the agent of
transformation, representing the transmutation of spirit. Wear the mercury symbol bracelet to spread your wings and fly.


    + Gender neutral design can be worn by anyone
    + Certified Recycled Sterling Silver
    + Handmade 


    Gold Vermeil (Certified Recycled Sterling Silver, Plated with 18ct Yellow Gold)


    Chain length: 40 cm
    Mercury: 1.1 cm x 0.5 cm 


     Rachel Entwistle
     Rachel Entwistle