Rays Of Light Mini Hoops Gold - Turquoise


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Rays Of Light Mini Hoops Gold - Turquoise
Rays Of Light Mini Hoops Gold - Turquoise

Astral – for timeless wisdom and guidance of the planets and the stars

The eye is a powerful protective symbol, handed down through the ages, across countries and cultures. The practice of wearing evil eye jewellery to ward off the evil eye (the glare of anger, jealousy and hatred) dates back thousands of years – to Plato and classical Greek antiquity. Rachel’s Rays of Light protection earring draws on evil eye imagery and the Eye of Providence symbol. This depicts an eye surrounded by rays of light, representing the all-seeing protective eye of a higher power watching over humanity. Wear Rays of Light celestial jewellery to feel protected and part of something bigger than yourself. For earth bound celestial adventures.

Choose between

Sleeper hoop

These continuous hoops are designed to be worn everyday and can be worn to sleep in. The hoops are very secure once in. As such some dexterity is needed in taking them on and off. They are designed to be worn continuously. 

The Premium hoop

If you would prefer a hoop that easily comes on and off then these removable handmade hoops are for you. With a three quarter hoop shape and earring with a post, they are ideal for swapping out whenever you want to change them. Designed for every day wear but not advisable to sleep in.

Model wears the Sleeper Hoops.


Ethically Mined Sterling Silver with 18ct gold plating and black onyx. Also available in gold with black onyx and gold with green onyx. 


Eye Face: 1cm x 0.5cm. Hoop Earring: 1.2cm x 0.2cm 

Rays Of Light Mini Hoops Gold - Turquoise
Rays Of Light Mini Hoops Gold - Turquoise